Forté Motor Power 2 150ml


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Forté Moto Power II is a premium quality fuel additive containing a multi-functional ashless detergent-dispersant, an antioxidant, and upper cylinder lubricant blended into a highly refined base oil.


It has been specially developed to provide superior fuel system cleaning and to provide valve and combustion cleanliness, problem prevention and improved performance in gasoline driven internal combustion engines. It is also suitable for all motorcycles.


Forté Moto Power II is packed in a well-designed 150ml long neck bottle to make it more convenient to add the contents to the fuel tank.

When used as directed Forté Moto Power II will provide the following performance benefits:
  • Fuel oxidation stability.
  • Neutralisation of fuel related acids.
  • Corrosion prevention in the fuel system.
  • Upper cylinder lubrication.
  • Remove inlet valve deposits.
  • Reduce combustion chamber deposits.
  • Prevent stalling due to carburettor icing.

  • Model: FORTE02806
  • Manufactured by: Forté

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